Al Sultan, Bugibba

al-sultan-low-resMalta Restaurant Review – Thursday 29th October 2015

Al Sultan is a real gem, a Lebanese restaurant tucked away in the middle of Bugibba. We have been there half a dozen times now and always look forward to going back.

From the outside it is somewhat unprepossessing. It is fronted by a small terrace with outdoor seating for 15 or so.   Inside is slightly larger. It has a welcoming feel with blue and white tablecloths and interesting ornaments and light fittings. It also has a kick-ass air conditioner, so you will be comfortable even in the height of summer. The owner is very friendly and nothing is too much trouble. He goes out of his way to make you feel at ease.

The menu offers hot and cold starters and a range of main dishes. On our first visit we were unsure what to order and left it up to the owner to decide what to bring us. He served us a wide mix of hot and cold dishes from the selection of starters, a bit like meze. They were all excellent with fresh ingredients and lively flavours. We enjoyed everything so much that we have similar dishes every time we visit! They include vegetables with harissa, flatbreads smothered with thyme and sesame seeds, humus, aubergine puree, bread, falafel, toasted flatbreads stuffed with spicy minced lamb, wonderfully fresh and lightly dressed mixed salads and chicken wings to name but a few. By their nature many of these dishes are vegetarian and vegan.

Even with wine we struggle to pay more than €15 a head, so it is great value too.

I should say that we haven’t ventured into the main course dishes yet but given our experience so far, have no doubt they would be excellent too. Al Sultan is a firm favourite I can strongly recommend it to you.