Duo, Qawra

Duo Duck Confit lr

Malta Restaurant Review – Friday 17th June 2016

I’m not going to waste much time on this one.

LW and I went to Duo on Friday. It holds itself out as an above average restaurant with prices to match. We should have saved our money.

First, the positive. The room is nice.

Now the negatives.

The service was awful. There were two waiting staff looking after only 8 customers and they didn’t have enough to do. The result was that they were continually disturbing us, relentlessly trying to top up our wine and water glasses, asking us pointless questions – even about how the air conditioning worked – and they tried to clear our plates before we had finished eating! We felt like mice on an exposed prairie, the waiters birds of prey circling menacingly above. In the end I told the waitress to go away and leave us alone! It was the most uncomfortable dining experience we have had since coming to Malta.

The food was pretty poor. We both chose the same starter from the specials of the day – baked figs with mascarpone, Parma ham and honey. It was too large and out of balance. Four figs, one huge the others normal; chefs should know that odd numbers are aesthetically more pleasing than even, so serve 3 not 4. There was not enough mascarpone and nowhere near enough ham, so most mouthfuls were just warm figs. I think the chef forgot the honey altogether. The plate was decorated with a completely tasteless puree.

For my main I had confit duck leg – actually, 2 confit duck legs. There was no sauce so the dish was quite dry once I had used up the mean amount of puree that came with it. The duck was overly salted. Bizarrely the dish was served with disks of raw parsnips which were totally inedible. For her main, LW had lamb ragu with courgette spaghetti. Again the balance was all wrong with far too much ragu for the amount of courgette. She enjoyed the flavours, though.

To cap it all I went to the toilet on the way out and had to share it with a large cockroach going through its death throes.

As we left we spoke to a lady who seemed to be in charge and politely told her of our experience. I don’t think she expects us to return any time soon.