Gate of India Restaurant, Bugibba

Gate of India LOW RES

Malta Restaurant Review – Sunday 27th September 2015

LW and I went to the Gate of India last night. We wish we hadn’t. We won’t be going again.

First the positives. The room is pleasant enough and quite large so you don’t feel hemmed in. The fellow in charge was also pleasant enough and served us with a smile. The waitress was efficient but not friendly. The toilets were clean.

But of course the point of dining out is to have good food and we didn’t get that. I had the “tender” lamb tikka which wasn’t – it tasted okay but had the texture of beef jerky. The chicken jalfrezi – which is a specialty of the house – was revolting. Chewy lumps of overcooked chicken in a bowl of liquid resembling pink dishwater with yoghurt that had split, so it looked like someone had shaken dandruff into it. The rice was well cooked but the naan bread was doughy. LW had onion bhajies the size of your fist. Nice and crisp on the outside but doughy in the middle. For her main she had the tandoori mixed grill. This included the dreaded “tender” lamb tikka, a large chicken leg which was bright red, fairly moist but tasteless, chicken breast tikka which was overcooked and chewy and an unremarkable minced meat kebab.

I complained and they didn’t charge for the chicken jalfrezi.

On the way home we stopped off at Sotto Zero for excellent ice cream so the evening wasn’t a complete disaster.