Lovage Restaurant, Qawra

Lovage b low res

Since writing the review below we have been to Lovage twice more.  And, sad to say, both times it fell short of our expectations.  The seasoning was off, flavours out of balance and the fish hadn’t been descaled.  We won’t give up on Lovage but it has fallen behind the likes of Trabuxu, Salt and Dine @ 33.

Malta Restaurant Review – Saturday 3rd October 2015

Lovage is by far our favourite restaurant in Malta. We have been there a dozen times or more. I could probably just stop this review there, as that must be recommendation enough, but let me give you a taste (sorry for the pun) of what it is like.

Lovage is a modern and stylish Mediterranean restaurant, lovely glass, china and cutlery, friendly but very professional service and great food. You are assured of a warm welcome from Chef Matthew and his team. The restaurant seats about 50 inside at well-spaced out tables; there is a similar number set up outside in the summer months. We went there again on Saturday and most of the tables were taken, so there was a warm atmosphere.

How often do you go to a restaurant and have good food only to return another time and be disappointed? One of the things we like about Lovage is its consistency. You may not like everything on the menu (who does?) but you know you are always going to get great ingredients lovingly prepared and well presented.

So, what to choose? How about ravioli stuffed with lobster and served with a prawn bisque, or pork belly you can cut with your finger (I mean that literally, I did it), peppered lamb fillet, soft-as-you-like-fish, Valrhona chocolate mousse, and so on… We’ve already decided what we are going to have next time. Except that we haven’t really, because there are always lots of mouth-watering specials to tempt you!

If you want a restaurant that rushes you along, has mind-numbing muted TVs playing on the walls and serves chips with everything (and let’s face it, there are a lot of those to choose from), Lovage is not for you. But if you want great food and friendly service in a classy environment, you’ll do well to beat Lovage.

(P.S. Will someone please start a campaign to ban TVs from restaurants. What is the point of them? They flicker annoyingly, usually with the sound turned off and I’ve yet to see any diners who are really interested in watching them while they eat. And anyway, most married couples we see seem to struggle to make conversation as it is, without the distraction of a TV!)