Malet, Bugibba

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Malta Restaurant Review – Saturday 17th October 2015

Malet is a Maltese restaurant located on a side street just off the main promenade in Bugibba. It has a simple, somewhat rustic ambience with small tables dressed in white tablecloths. It has about 36 covers. Most of the tables are situated in the main area as you enter the restaurant. An open hallway leads off to the rear with a few tables for two set up. They are opposite the toilets though, and sitting there would have been very unpleasant on the evening we went for reasons I won’t go into!

As a Maltese restaurant Malet serves many of the dishes you would expect; horse meat, rabbit and octopus to name but a few. The menu is heavily weighted towards meat and fish. This is not a place for vegetarians and the stuff of nightmares for vegans!

The welcome was friendly and the service relaxed and everything moved at a pleasant pace. Malet brought to mind a French bistro, fortunately without the Gauloises! Our big complaint about the room is that there is a TV mounted on the wall facing into the restaurant, pointlessly flickering away with the sound turned off. It was a distraction and an annoyance, as TVs in restaurants always are. Our real entertainment came from an English couple sat at the table next to us who had a domestic half way through their meal!

We were served an amuse bouche, a shot of piping hot vegetable soup. For my starter I had a Caesar salad which was delicious, albeit not traditional. Lettuce, bacon and tomatoes, with a generous portion of dressing, and giant crispy croutons. For my main I had the bragioli, a traditional Maltese dish; think beef olives and you’ll get the idea. Thin slices of beef stuffed with minced beef and bacon and braised in a rich tomato sauce. It was very tasty but there were small chips of bone in it which made it messy and unpleasant to eat.

LW had bruschetta which was quite poor. It was smothered in a thick mess of mozzarella, more like a poor man’s pizza than a bruschetta. Her main was excellent though, roasted quails perfectly cooked. Our mains were served with delicious roasted vegetables, carrots, courgettes and potatoes.

The food came to just under €40 which we though was reasonable value.

Our verdict is that Malet wasn’t perfect but it scored many more positives than negatives and we look forward to going back again.