Mareluna, Sliema


Malta Restaurant Review – Saturday 14th November 2015

This was our third visit to Mareluna, an Italian restaurant within the Preluna Hotel in Sliema. There were five of us on this occasion.

The room is nicely decorated and the tables are well spaced out and laid out prettily with sparkling glass and cutlery. As on our previous visits, the food was mostly excellent. The menu is quite extensive with many meat and fish dishes and a wide selection of homemade pasta dishes. As examples, we had parmigiana melanzane, bruschetta, fried fish, grilled fish, spaghetti vongole, pasta baked with ham, cheese and béchamel, pasta with beef and tomatoes, and tiramisu.

In the past Mareluna has been notable for its excellent service. But not so on this occasion. The staff seemed to have changed. There were two waitresses and a Maitre d’. All three had left their smiles at home. Apart from being offered water when we arrived, we were pretty much abandoned. It was ages before we were able to order drinks. My main course didn’t turn up with the others, which the staff immediately realised but it meant I had to wait another 10 to 15 minutes until my main course did arrive by which time everyone else was half way through theirs. In their rush to catch up, they served my main course slightly under done, which was a shame.

Ordering desserts was a struggle. After some effort we finally managed to get the attention of the Maitre d’. He wouldn’t take our order but promised to send over a “girl”. No one turned up and after another long wait we managed to get the Maitre d’s attention again. He again declined to take our order and said the “girl” must have forgotten and he would chase her up. It was apparently beneath him to take the order himself. Not a team player then!

I have until now ranked Mareluna as one of our top five restaurants in Malta because it managed to combine a lovely room with excellent food and great service. We will visit it again because the room and the food are still top notch. But with such poor service, I can no longer recommend it as one of the best.