National Food Days


Never mind traditional public high days and holidays, there now seem to be days set aside to celebrate just about everything from felt hats to cheeseburgers. Perhaps not surprisingly, most of them are American National Days.

Today – Thursday 15th September – is the day to celebrate three great foods and one traditional drink, as follows.

National Cheese Toast Day
Toast with cheese on; we all love it! But did you know that Del Johnson of Los Angeles claimed to have invented it in 1958? Perhaps he had never heard of Welsh rarebit which has references dating back to 1725.

National Linguine Day
Hey, who needs an excuse to eat pasta? Linguine, which translates as little tongues, has an elliptical shape, a bit wider than spaghetti. Its origins lie in Liguria, so not surprisingly it is perfect with pesto.

National Double Cheeseburger Day
Personally, I think you can have too much of a good thing, so if you want to celebrate a single cheeseburger, why not wait until Sunday which is National Cheeseburger Day.

National Crème de Menthe Day
I suspect you either love it or hate it served neat. But it is a popular ingredient in some cocktails. It was developed in France as a digestif. It is available either white (colourless) or green. Traditionally the green colour comes from the Corsican mint leaves that are used to make it. Today the colour often comes from the addition of colouring agents.

Non-food National Day
Just so you know, today is also National Online Learning Day and National Felt Hat Day.

More National Days
There is a website dedicated to national days if you looking for an excuse for a daily celebration.

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