New Madras Indian Restaurant, Bugibba

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Malta Restaurant Review

Saturday 15th October 2016

We decided to give the New Madras another go. We haven’t been there for ages as previously everything was too salty but they seem to have sorted that out. It was very good.  I had chicken 65 followed by a vegetable biryani and Bombay potatoes. LW had onion bajis followed by butter chicken and a naan bread.

Wednesday 16th September 2015

LW and I went to the New Madras Indian restaurant on Wednesday, our first visit there. It is just a short walk from Bugibba square. It was okay, which means not great but not poor either and we will go back.

On the downside, everything was too salty, the papadums slightly singed, the Bombay potatoes tasteless (like roast potatoes with some bland herb and spice mix added) and the two air conditioners were inadequate for the room.

But on the positive side, the onion bhaji and chicken 65 were good, if salty. Chicken 65 is apparently a dish of chicken breast pieces covered in 65 spices and lemon juice and deep fried. For my main I had chicken Jalfrezi which was nothing like any chicken Jalfrezi I have had previously and didn’t have any fresh chillies in it. However, it was tasty, if too salty and otherwise mild, a stir fried dish of chicken, green peppers and spices. LW had butter chicken which was good (except for the salt) and we had sides of Bombay potatoes, and naan breads which were excellent.

The service was friendly and not too hurried. The room itself was small with not many more than 20 covers. The toilets were spotless. Oh, and we were interrupted by a passing cockroach that skipped across the room to a spot under a table by the window. The diners moved and the staff rushed in; I missed the denouement, but I’m guessing a certain amount of squashing under foot and scraping up was involved! Given Malta’s climate, I suspect most restaurants could say, “There but for the grace of God go I,” so we shouldn’t judge too harshly on that score.

Let’s face it, the New Madras is not the Taj Mahal of Douglas or the Pavilion of London, but on balance it was worth the visit and we will return. Our waiter did promise to rein in the salt next time. If, however, you have a heart condition, you may wish to consult your doctor before risking the salt overload.