Nutella Lock

Nutella lock

The Telegraph has carried a story that a German man, Daniel Schobloch, has invented a lock for a Nutella jar to stop people surreptitiously nicking spoonsful of the stuff. Apparently you can buy them on eBay for €10 and so far Herr Dan has sold nearly 1,000 of the things.

So, who is crazier, Herr Dan for wasting such time and effort making the locks or the 1,000 odd Nutella nutters who have more money than sense? A small jar of Nutella costs less than €2 (depending where you are). Wouldn’t you be better off spending your hard-earned dosh on a few more jars of the stuff? And a little more time contemplating the meaning of life may just help these Nutella nutters get their lives back on track.

Now, if Herr Dan will just invent a coded lock for chocolate bars, LW will get far fewer dirty looks.

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