Ocean Basket, Qawra

Ocean Basket Malta

Malta Restaurant Review – Monday 13th June 2016

LW, LWN and I went to Ocean Basket for the first time and had a good experience. There is seating inside and out; we sat inside, the room much larger than expected. It’s a good job we had booked because the restaurant was full and people were being turned away. The room is bright and airy and the tables spread out so it didn’t feel too crowded despite being full.

The acoustics are poor though, with sound bouncing around the room which meant everyone had to speak up to be heard which just made the problem worse! The table we sat at would have been fine for two but was cramped for three and we quickly ran out of room for plates, glasses, bottles etc.

The staff were friendly and efficient and there were certainly plenty of them. The menu, as you would expect, was full of all types of seafood from grilled salmon to prawns to calamari to good old fashioned fish and chips. There is a wide choice of seafood platters and sharing plates.

Between us we had prawns, mussels, calamari and salmon, with chips, rice and salad and it was all tasty. They even have Heinz tomato ketchup; no other ketchup will do! We washed the food down with a large bottle of water and a bottle of cheap Pinotage which was pretty naff. The wines were expensive – the same wines in other local restaurants are several Euros cheaper. The food though only cost €41 for three of us – less than €14 each – which was great value given its quality.

My verdict? If you don’t like seafood, eat somewhere else! But if you do, you’ll get a wide choice good seafood dishes in nice surroundings at reasonable prices, and we’ll be heading back soon.