Other Spices

The following is a list of other spices, many of which are now getting better known and better understood for their culinary and medicinal uses.

Ajowan – seeds with a thyme-like flavour and a bit of a kick, found in Gujarati cooking. These seeds are used to flavour Bombay Mix.

Amchur – sundried mango (usually powder) used in Indian cookery.

Angelica – seeds and stems used in baking, its essential oil flavours Benedictine, Vermouth and Chartreuse.

Annato – an effective natural colouring used to colour cheese, confectionary and butter.

Asafoetida – unpleasant when raw but with an onion-like flavour when cooked, asafoetida powder is used mostly in Indian vegetarian cooking.

Barberry – dried berries with an acidic taste, mainly used to flavour Afghan rice dishes.

Black Limes – these are whole sun-dried limes used in Middle Eastern cooking.

Cubeb – peppery, bitter seeds popular in Indonesian cooking, particularly curries.

Galangal – a ginger-like spice used in Far Eastern cookery.

Nigella – small slightly peppery seeds used in Indian cookery and, to a lesser extent, in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Orris Root – an uncommon flavouring akin to violet, sometimes used as an ingredient in Moroccan ras el hanout.

Sumac – sour, fruity and astringent (can be used as a replacement for lemon), sumac is mainly used in Arabic cooking.

Zedoary – ginger-like, it is used as a ground spice in Indonesian cooking.