Salt, Bugibba

Salt Restaurant, Bugibba low res

Since writing the review below, we have been back to Salt and this time it wasn’t sweet at all!  The food was excellent and we rate Salt as one of our top five restaurants in Malta.

Malta Restaurant Review – Saturday 21st November 2015

LW and I visited Salt for the first time and had a mostly very good experience. But we have a suggestion. They should change the name of the restaurant from Salt to Sweet!

It is called Salt apparently because of their use of Himalayan pink rock salt. However, the overriding flavour we came away with was sugar. Brioche is always sweet but the brioche served with the chicken liver parfait was too much so. It could grace any kid’s lunch box. It didn’t matter as it happened, as the other breads they served were excellent so we ate those instead. LW had a rib eye steak which was delicious, except it came with over-sweet garnishes; smothered with a sweet mushroom ragu and sitting on a sweet parsnip puree. She scraped those to one side so that she could enjoy her steak just with a little English mustard. The potatoes were roasted with onions a la Lyonnaise, very tasty but again quite sweet. I had a duo of fresh local pork (belly and cheek) with a very sweet apple and vanilla puree. We skipped dessert. We think our blood sugars were confused enough!

On the upside, Salt has many good things going for it. The room is immaculate and chic and everywhere is spotlessly clean, including the toilets. Salt has about 50 covers and was full when we were there which gave a very nice ambiance. The service was excellent, striking the right balance between friendliness and efficiency. The ingredients were of good quality, attractively presented and very well cooked (apart from the sweetness).

The menu is not too long but there are lots of interesting choices. We have already started to plan what we will have on our next visit. And we now know enough to order our mains without the sweet garnishes.

The food came to €58 which was reasonable for a restaurant of its quality.