Soul Kitchen, St Paul’s Bay

Soul Kitchen lr

Malta Restaurant Review – Thursday 21st January 2016

Soul Kitchen is a newly opened Mediterranean restaurant in St Paul’s Bay. If you are thinking of going, well, think again.

The room looks new – it is bright and looks clean – but when LW and I visited it was very cold and we had to keep our coats on the whole time. It was a Thursday night at 8pm so we didn’t expect a full house but in the event we were the only two diners there. It had all the atmosphere of a deserted airport departure lounge.

Unless you like seafood, your choices are limited. Every starter has seafood in it, as does every pasta dish. We were served an amuse bouche, baked twirls of pizza dough with some sort of whipped butter or dip or whatever. It was tasteless so we couldn’t tell what it was supposed to be. The waitress cleared our plates away but placed our dirty knives on the table, expecting us to use them again for our main course. She replaced them with clean knives when we asked her to. I ordered a glass of red wine. The glass was dirty. My water glass was also dirty. So, not big on cleanliness then.

We both ordered pizzas. Big mistake. Apart from the outside crust, they were covered with a great slab of dense cheese with the texture of wet cardboard. It didn’t taste much better than wet cardboard either. I had pepperoni. It was salty but otherwise tasteless. I’m guessing the cheese and pepperoni aren’t exactly artisan products.

LW had a pizza topped with, among other things, vegetables and (believe it or not) chunks of rib eye steak. The vegetables were tasty but although LW can normally happily chew her way through nearly anything you put in front of her, the rib eye on her pizza was chewier than a cheap flip-flop and even she had to give up trying. The photograph is of LW’s left over pizza. Basically, she picked off the vegetables and left most of the rest.

We complained to the waitress about the poor food and she went and told the chef but, even though we were the only two diners there, he didn’t come to talk to us, which we thought was pretty poor. Anyway, they offered not to charge us for anything so although we wasted an evening, we didn’t waste any money.

We won’t be going back!