The Kev.i.n 11 Words Weight Loss Plan

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If, like me, you are short for your weight, then this blog post is for you.

I hope you are sitting down. Because I am going to tell you a sure-fire way to lose weight. (That is assuming you have weight to lose, but hey, who doesn’t?)

And it’s free.

And I’m going to tell you how in just 11 words. That’s right, 11 words.

Dieting need not be a weigh of life. (Oh dear.)  Follow my Kev.i.n 11 Words Weight Loss Plan for a better way of life.

Throw away your diet books. Don’t waste your money on support groups or diet clubs or meal replacements or laxatives or diet pills. Forget Atkins. Forget Weightwatchers. Forget the Zone diet, the raw food diet, the grapefruit diet or whatever other fad diet is currently doing the rounds.

So here goes.

How easy is that? It’s no biggie. It works. Trouble is, if you do it, no one is going to make money out of you. And the diet industry isn’t about losing weight, it’s about making money isn’t it? In the UK alone the diet industry is worth about the same each year as the cost of running the entire NHS’s A&E departments nationwide, that’s over £2 billion. Here’s a horrible statistic. In the UK people spend over £20 million each year on laxatives alone!

No one is going to pay a “celebrity” to tell you that to lose weight all you need to do is eat less, eat better, drink less and cheat one day a week. Who’s going to make money out of that?

I should mention exercise. If you exercise more you will be healthier and feel better. But unless you are prepared to spend several hours at it each day, it won’t help you lose much weight. For most of us, a 20 minutes brisk walk will burn off about the same number of calories as you find in one chocolate digestive biscuit. It’s a hell of a lot easier to just bin the biscuit!

So, whether you’re just trying to lose a couple of pounds or if you’re starting to show up on radar, give it a go.

Finally, do you recognise this?

“I want to lose 10 pounds this year. Only 13 left to go.”


“I think Kev.i.n is absolutely wonderful.” Anonymous

“It didn’t work for me.” Victoria Beckham

“Obesity is just Labour propaganda.” Eric Pickles

“When it says eat better, is it meant to say eat butter?” Blond housewife (name withheld)

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